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I was born in Bishop, California at a time when most mothers sewed for their families. My maternal great-grandmother was an avid quilter, every stitch on her quilts were sewn by hand. She also sewed for her family and did a lot of needlework. I have a dresser scarf on my bedroom dresser that was handmade by her, it's under a piece of clear plastic to protect it.

Both of my grandmothers sewed. My paternal grandmother sewed for herself and her family. I have her 1925 Singer treadle sewing machine in my living room. My maternal grandmother sewed and embroidered. I remember quite well when one of my cousins liked a dress she saw in a store window but my aunt couldn't buy it for her, my grandmother went home and duplicated the dress without a pattern with just my cousin's measurements.

My mother and stepmother were both excellent seamstresses. I remember well the times I would come home from school when I was very young and find my mother in her bedroom busily constructing a garment for one of our family members. At those times, I would sit on the edge of her bed with thoughts of sewing like she did when I grew up. Rarely a word passed between us during those times, she was busy sewing and I was lost in my dreams of learning to sew. My mother embroidered and crocheted as well and my stepmother knitted. Most of my clothing was homemade as I was growing up and I always wore nice clothing to church and school.

As you can see, I was born into a family of creative women so I really didn't have a chance! ;-) As a teenager I learned to sew and knit and as a young adult I learned to crochet. I can't tell you how many slippers, potholders, socks, sweaters, doilies and embroidered pillowcases I made.

In my thirties I learned needlepoint and counted cross stitch and realized I had found my passion! I worked in a needlework shop in Texas and learned to block and finish needlework as well. I took customers completed needlework, that required assembling, home and blocked them. Then I assembled them into pillows, pincushions, Christmas stockings, bell pulls, etc. At the same time I started designing and painting hand painted needlepoint canvases of cowboy boot Christmas stockings and mens needlepoint vests. I sold several of my designs at the shop and blocked/assembled them for the customers when their stitching was completed.

Later I worked for a major needlework kit manufacturer in California and stitched prototype models for them for 8 hours a day. I was in Heaven! I loved it. They eventually moved me to the art department to fill a vacancy left by a coworker and I learned to write kit instructions, design package labels and layout catalog supplements. During my time there I designed a full page magazine ad for Thomas Kinkade that was published in a 1997 craft magazine for a trade show held in Chicago. The company I worked for held an exclusive for needlework versions of Mr. Kinkade's paintings.

After 20 plus years of designing and stitching for others, between the shop in Texas to the manufacturer in California, I left the hustle and bustle of southern California, returning to my roots in Nevada and settled back into the country lifestyle. I am now putting my talents and experience to work to offer you quality designs and ePatterns. In addition to my own designs, I offer designs by other talented artists as well.

I am totally involved in my designs from start to finish. I value my customers and am here to assist you whether you are an experienced stitcher or a beginner desiring to learn the art. My customers are invited to email me with any questions or concerns they may have or any assistance they may need.

I hope you enjoy stitching my designs as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.

May God bless you and yours,

Sharon Lomo
Stitchin' Post Creations
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